about us

who we are, Gilgamesh organization for development and relief is a non-governmental &non-profit organization aims to make a growing community depends on his capabilities and can take his place among developed communities, and relieving kneaders and injurers in disasters situations by humanity development and natural development and take care of all community sections specially women, orphans special needs also giving relief in emergency cases. The organization had been established in 2014 by a volunteers group and the first project had executed by organization was by Providing  moral support for people with special needs and enhance self-confidence also by  making many license in computer and language skills. Also and sustain support for displaced families by ISIS. The organization has the following departments:

1– Orphans and Special needs: which deals of take care of and providing all kind of tools and supplement for special need and orphans .This department also takes care of widowers and gives helps for them.

2-Relief Department: which works on two lines: the first line is giving the food assistance and fast medical helps in afflicted areas and displaced families because the sectarian violence and the terrorist militias. The second line is executing service projects in field of water and sanitary deflation, removing trash and debris along all regions

3-Development Department: This works in field of building the abilities for the civil community organizations, and also actives in elections monitoring and training organizations staffs for monitoring the elections on the province level.